IdeaLight Out Of The Dark
CategoryConcept Design

Nestled along the coastline, this ultra-modern Hip hotel presents a futuristic architectural design with
a stunning natural backdrop. Boasting 8 spacious rooms, each meticulously crafted with a seamless blend of cutting-edge design and natural materials. The hotel’s bar is a focal point of social activity, offering a curated selection of beverages against the backdrop of the ocean. Guests can unwind in the spa, swim in the pool which overlooks the sea, or maintain their fitness regime in the gym. With its seamless fusion of futuristic aesthetics and natural elements, this hotel provides an ideal setting for weekend retreats and short getaways.

The initial sketch was a scaled hand drawing made using Procreate. Subsequently, I utilize a rendering program to bring the concept to life. The project is in its concept state. -2023